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Mums Guide to Treating Infant/ Baby Cold & Flu

When you are a first time mum, yet to master the Motherhood Rule Book (which by the way, doesn’t exist), things can get pretty overwhelming really quickly! For instance, those first few times baby catches cold or flu and gets sick. Cold can make one miserable, and it’s especially hard for little ones who are so helpless, unaware of what’s happening to them or how to express their discomfort. For a mother, it’s so hard to just sit back and see your little one suffer in pain. As a mum of 2, i have experienced this exact same feeling way too many times now and have learned how to deal with these situations from my very own experiences.

I have tried to follow others suggestions and googled 5684953 times to figure out what can be done and if what i am doing is right or not, whether we need to run to the doctor or just wait for a few days for what seems to be a normal cold and fever… like i said, it can be so damn overwhelming!

Before I start I would like to point out that as a mum you know your kid best and if you think something is not right, always follow your motherly instinct and take them to a doctor or rush them to Emergency Room*

If your little one is suffering from seasonal cold, you can use these suggestions and do all or some of these things to help provide them some relief while the bug takes it’s own sweet time to leave them alone 😷

1. Steam it up

Steam is the best remedy to treat congestion. For babies and young kids, you can easily turn your shower into a steam room by turning on the shower on full hot mode while keeping the doors and windows closed and letting the water run non-stop. Sit in there next to the shower for 10-15 minutes and let your baby breathe the warm air in, while the steam losens the congestion and provides some relief to the baby. I still use this trick when my 4 yr old catches cold. It gives a miraculous instant relief.

2. Saline Drops to your rescue

Saline drops help loosen mucus and clear the nasal passage. Clogged nose can be such a big discomfort for your bubba. Once you have used a saline spray or dropper to loosen the mucus, you can use a nasal aspirator to easily suction out the mucus. Babies don’t know how to blow their nose and so, this can be such a life savior when your bub is irritated because of clogged nose.

3. Humidifier for a Good Night Sleep

Let’s be honest, we all need a goodnight sleep and a cranky baby or toddler is no fun especially at night! A humidifier is a great way to provide your baby night time relief, helping them sleep better. While humidifier might not be a treatment for cold, it definitely helps them breathe better when icky cold has caught them by adding moisture to the air, which can help ease upper respiratory symptoms and soothe sore throats while your little ones asleep.

4. Keep them high on Liquids

Offer plenty of fluids!! If your baby is little and breasfed, keep feeding them as often as possible. If they are on formula, add extra bottles. If they have started water/ are a little big, keep offering them water/ juice. Liquids help them stay hydrated and also helps keep their temperature down.

5. Rub some vicks on their feet

Rubbing Vicks/Baby Balm on their feet and covering the feet with a cozy pair of socks also helps treat cough and congestion. While this is a not so common trick as parents usually apply babyvicks to chest area, this really helps a lot.

6. Keep Everything Clean and Sanitized

Cleanliness and sanitizing helps to stop the germs from spreading and ensures faster recovery.

7. Loads of Cuddles! Can there be a bigger remedy for discomfort than big warm cuddles from your mum? We mean the world to our little ones and they feel the safest around us. When your little one is unwell and not feeling 100%, the best we can do for them is to give them all our time and attention- let the house be messy and don’t worry about those dishes in the sink, rely on take- outs and just be with your baby, hold your little one in your arms, cuddle them and make them feel loved. This would actually be a very well deserved break for you as well.

Also, any fever they get, while it might be related to cold, it can very well be a result of an underlying infection that their body is trying to fight and needs to be checked and cured, so please be cautious. If they develop any fever due to cold, you can follow these easy steps to bring the temperature down-

  • Use OTC baby panadol (always stick to recommended dosage) if they are in discomfort or have a fever

  • Place a cool damp wash cloth on babies forehead to bring the temperature down.

  • Keep the clothing light

  • Make sure the room isn’t too heated, bring the room temperature down

  • Keep them hydrated by offering fluids

Do let me know in the comments section below if this post helped you in any way ❤️ You can subscribe to my blog for more mum hacks and advices if would like to stay tuned! Cheers Your Mum Friend ❤️

*DISCLAIMER- I am not a health professional or medical expert. The advice shared in this blog is based of mere experiences of mums around the globe. If you are worried about your kid in any way, best would be to consult a doctor. A false alarm is always better than risking your little ones health 💖

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