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Welcome To My Blog 101

Thought I would go Old-School and do a customary ‘Welcome to my Blog’ first post. Would be a good way to tell you guys a bit about me and I would also love to know about you all in the comments section ❤️

I'll try (but can't promise) to keep this short and sweet because, if you're a mother like me, I can only imagine the million things you're juggling right now!

So, let’s begin!

Who Am I?

Hi! I am Rima and this is my blog! I have done my Masters in Fashion Management and have worked with some global brands as a Fashion & Retail Buyer, I have also helped a few brands launch their e-commerce platforms and have a vast experience and interest in Marketing. I love traveling, hanging out with friends, binge watching romantic TV shows, Love being outdoors- long walks or literally just browsing through the stores in malls, love doing Henna, love art and craft, and love making Memory Bears & Blankets, handmade jwellery, candles and paintings, and shopping in my free time! Ohh, one more thing, how can i fail to mention that i am a hopeless romantic- I left my family and country and moved to a new country, into a whole new world full of strangers, for the guy i fell in love with (I wish it was as fairy tale-ish as it sounds here) Now Before I indulge too deeply in my Past- Pre-Baby life talks, let’s move to the present!

I am a MUM to 2 gorgeous babies, who are my world and my life literally revolves around them (if you are a mum, you can totally relate to this one) and lately it seems that being a mum has become my sole identity! Isn’t it true for most of us though! Being a mum precisely means keeping aside who you really are and putting your kids happiness and well-being way ahead of yours! I mean, you might go back to work after that Mat leave of yours, hang out with your friends and even get back to partying (if life is in your favor), but it will never be the same coz those little rascals won’t leave your mind or heart alone ever, even for a second ❤️

It is so strange that one minute you are carefree and reckless and all of a sudden you are the adult, who’s expected to do everything right, act responsible and grown up and keep it all together all the time without any fails! While I love being a Full-Time mum and feel blessed to have 2 little miracles who consider me their everything, I feel so overwhelmed at times, as if motherhood has consumed me, and my head can’t think straight, not sure if i am doing it right (did you really think you are the only one trying to figure out this grown up sh**)

And this brings us to the next chapter of this ’Welcome to my Blog’ Post-

Why Start a Blog? For a long time, I’ve been debating whether or not to start a blog. I believe in sharing experiences because you never know how your story might assist someone else, and I enjoy writing, so starting a blog seemed like the perfect way to share my thoughts with the world and have a platform to express my opinion. I've battled to find time for myself and do something like this for years, but I don't think I'll be able to find that type of 'Me' time anytime soon, and in the hopes of staying consistent here and doing justice to my readers, I think it's past time to cross this one item off my 'To-Do' list! Stay tuned as I share some laughs and joys, learnings and experiences,some crazy-tired-exhausting moments of parenthood, and many-many other things from this fascinating, colourful, and chaotic book of my life. ❤️ Let the Journey Begin….

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